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The following pages describe the basic CAP cadet uniforms, the approximate cost of items that must be purchased to complete those uniforms, and where they can be obtained is listed in the Word Documents on the right side.


The blues uniform is the minimum required uniform for cadets. It comprises a light blue shirt with epaulets, dark blue Air Force trousers, a dark blue flight cap with cap device, an Air Force belt with buckle and black boots or shoes.


On completion of the first achievement in the cadet program, the General J.F. Curry Award, cadets will receive a $100 voucher (the “Curry Voucher”) redeemable toward the overall cost of the blues uniform from our uniform supplier, Vanguard Industries. In the Cadet Uniform Information Document, the  blue uniform pages suggested items to be purchased with the Curry Voucher are marked as such in a double-lined box. Your approximate cost for the blues uniform, after applying the voucher, will be about $23. 


The Airman Battle Unform or “ABUs” is the CAP work & field uniform. It comprises ABU-pattern camouflage shirt & trousers, an ABU-pattern cap, a tan t-shirt, a tan rigger belt, and black combat boots. Parts of this uniform may be available through the squadron, or you may have to purchase all or part of the uniform. A number of ABU items are included in the ABU Kit. (See attached ABU Kit Flyer.) If you wear out or ruin an item that you are issued, you must replace it.

If you outgrow part of your uniform, you may exchange it for a different size at unit supply if it is available. If it is not available, you will have to purchase it.


New CAP uniform items are available from a variety of sources: Vanguard Insignia, the official source for insignia & uniforms (http://www.vanguardmil.com), via online vendors, or the Military Clothing Sales Store (MCSS) at the local Air Force Base (at this time, our ability to access the local Air Force Base is limited) Florence Composite Squadron “Supply Closet.” Used uniform items may be available from the the local Air Force Base thrift store, a local surplus store, unit supply or online sources such as Ebay. The availability of uniform parts through these sources is limited to sizes on hand. When items in specific sizes are not available from unit supply, you will have to purchase these items. Things like socks & t-shirts are not available from the unit and must be purchased by the member.


Cadets will need insignias for both blues and ABUs. As cadets advance, they can trade in their existing rank for new insignia. At this time, Florence Composite Squadron is able to provide new insignias as cadets advance due to funding from United Way of Florence. Collar insignia is not uniform-specific and can be switched from uniform to uniform as required. Other items are uniform specific.

Remember, it is the member’s responsibility to equip him or herself with the proper uniform items. The unit can help with that process, but it is ultimately the member’s responsibility.

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