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How To Join As A Cadet:

1. Contact the squadron and arrange to visit a meeting with your parents.  

2. Attend at least three weekly meetings.

3.  After your third meeting request to have a conference with the Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets and Cadet Commander. You will need to provide appropriate verification documents that include:  U.S. Passport, Permanent Resident Card (I-551), Certified copy of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Drivers License or State Issued ID, School ID or other I-9 approved documentation. 

4.  Complete the Online Membership Application.  The instructions to complete the online application are located on the right or if using a smartphone at the bottom of this page.

South Carolina Membership Dues for Cadets is approximately $30 (FY2020)

When you join online, your form of payment is charged immediatley.  However, the membership is in a pending status until the squadron commander verifies the application. Once the application has been approved the cadet will be an active member. 

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